​ABOUT MINISTRY LEADERS:  Marion and Veroman Witcher, Jr. are Christians and the parents of two adult children, one is challenged with autism and  epilepsy and uses a walker and wheelchair at times.   The couple's background includes  more than a decade heading the  special needs  ministry at a Dayton area church.

Marion Witcher  is the author of the book, Sowing My Tears, Reaping His Joy:  A Mother's Journey from Devastation to Celebration.  The book shares her journey of coming  to terms with her daughter's challenge with autism through faith in Christ. 

Her  background includes serving as an Interim Minister for the former Agape fellowship through Montgomery County's MRDD.  The interdenominational fellowship provided faith-based.  

Although Marion has extensive experience dealing with disability from her life experience and a faith perspective, she is  ever learning.  Marion's studies include  the  Biblical Theology of Suffering, Disability and the Church (Dallas Theology Seminary).  

Veroman aka Brother (Coach) Vee),  is  the Senior Ministry Leader and  over the ministry’s Special Olympic team.  

Coaching athletes with diverse cognitive abilities, Coach Vee developed and implemented athletic strategies that enhanced individual performances and helped the team  compete more effectively.  He and Marion, who serves as  his assistant coach, also teach the athletes how to apply the Word of God to  their athletic efforts.   This in turn allows them to exercise their faith and see their faith in action.  

Mark 16:15--And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.


To provide an equal opportunity for persons with autism and cognitive disabilities to receive salvation and participate in and benefit from ministry. 

Second Sunday Service  

Hearts for ABA  

4925 Fishburg Road

Huber Heights, OH 45424

For More Information or Weather Cancellations, email us at HisAbilityMinistry@gmail.com  
Phone:  937.238.3862

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 24648

Huber Heights, OH  45424

The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

 (Psalm 145:8)


His Ability Outreach Ministries sponsors a monthly fellowship that focuses on ministry for youth and adults with autism,  cognitive/intellectual disabilities, their family members, support systems and others.  The fellowship is held the second Sunday of each month at the autism center in Huber Heights.  The service not only ministers to . . . . but with persons with intellectual disabilities to bring glory to God the Father, their parents and support systems.  


  • We encourage congregants to be active participants through song and worship!
  • Time Sensitive Ministry Message (20 minutes or less to accommodate shorter attention spans!)
  • Illustrative Teaching to increase understanding. 

To enhance the worship experience for everyone, a guardian or caregiver must accompany persons with disabilities needing assistance with medical and/or personal care needs.  

This fellowship  is based on ‘encouraging and strengthening persons with autism and cognitive issues, their families,  loved ones and caregivers, 

Ministry that encourages and strengthens the body!